THE band of the Grenadier Guards helped raise the roof of the STEAM Museum last week at a concert which boosted a charity’s coffers by £2,500.

The military band of the London-based regiment, which has served 15 monarchs over more than 300 years, visited Swindon last Friday for a concert with the Swindon Male Voice Choir.

Together the musical sensations managed to raise £2,520 for leading military charity, Combat Stress.

Chris Done, chairman of the choir, said: “With soldiers returning from war in Iraq and Afghanistan, we as a nation must care for those suffering physical and mental wounds from these and earlier conflicts.

“Our charities maintain the same enthusiasm to help as when the wars were ongoing.”

The band and the choir performed a number of different pieces separately before joining together.

Their repertoire included The Rhythm of Life and Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika, the national anthem of Tanzania, Zambia, and part of the South African national anthem.