An elderly Rottweiler who was found abandoned with a large tumour hanging from her leg is making a good recovery.

Swindon Borough Council’s animal welfare picked up the dog near Shrivenham Road earlier this month.

Named Doris by the team, she was found with a number of mammary tumours and a tumour the size of a grapefruit hanging from one of her hind legs.

The tumour had been left untreated and it is believed it had been left to grow over a number of years.

Doris has since had the large tumour and mammary tumours removed, as well as a rotten tooth, and is recovering well. After a period of recuperation with the animal welfare team, she will be moving to the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT).

Alison Waine, Swindon Borough Council’s Environmental Protection Officer, said: “She is much happier now the tumour has been removed. It was a straight forward operation and just a shame she was left to live with this affecting her for so long.”

Anyone with information on where Doris may have come from can call the Council in confidence on 01793 445500.

The NAWT is keen to hear from anyone who may be able to offer Doris a new home. They can be contacted on: 01458 252656.