THE past 50 years have been golden for Bruce and Judy Young, who celebrated half a century married and in business together on Saturday.

The couple run Dangerfields transport firm out of Old Town, which has been operating around Swindon since 1914.

And while the last five years have been hard, Bruce, 70, and Judy, 71, have no intention of calling it quits.

After renewing their vows at a special blessing at Christchurch, they said they were surprised to have reached the milestone.

“It seems like the years have gone ever so quickly,” said Judy, whose father, Ivor Pearce, bought the company in the 1960s.

“The business started 100 years ago this year,” said Bruce. “It has changed considerably since then. In 1914 nobody had cars, so it was set up with a fleet of 40 cars just to get people to and from the station.

“This is the worst recession we have ever had. We have been through six or seven so far, and this one is just hanging on. But things are starting to filter through and improve now.”

“We could write a book about all our ups and downs,” added Judy.

“It is not an easy way to make a living. Old Town has changed so much since we took over the business, but it carries on. Some life is coming back into it now, which is a great sign.”

The couple said they have always managed to draw a line between work and home life.

“When you come home you have got to be able to switch off,” said Judy.

“You can’t take your business home with you or your home life to work.

“You have just got to work really hard. Nothing is given to you and you have to work for everything you get, especially these days.”

The pair met on a blind date set up by their families and have been together ever since.

“My cousin arranged it,” said Bruce. “I was about an hour late in the end.

“But I would not have missed it for the world, and I would not have missed the last 50 years either.

“If you get a hiccup, you don’t give up on it. Everybody has hiccups along the way. It is how you react to what life throws at you.”

Of their first date, Judy added: “He ended up going to the wrong house. You would think someone would have given up at that point, but he went straight back to his cousin and got the right address. I thought he had forgotten.”

The secret to a long and happy marriage according to Judy is shared goals.

“The most important thing is if you are young together you have to have the same aims and ambitions,” she said. “Then you have got more of a chance of making it work. We both wanted to not only be successful but to end up in a nice home. You do change as the years go on and you have to adapt.

“We have always done everything together, and we have had our joys and our sorrows. You cannot have one without the other.

“We really thought golden weddings were for old people, but I do not feel old.”