STRATTON St Margaret Parish Council is asking residents for ideas on the future development of their community.

The parish council is working with residents to develop a neighbourhood plan in order to control where future developments in the village will take place.

Anne Chalk, a member of the parish council’s planning committee, said: “We want as many people to come forward as possible to tell us the sorts of things they want to see in their plan.

“We’ve set up a stand in the community centre where people can pick up questionnaires and find out more about the plan.

“I just want to encourage as many residents as possible to come along.”

Although the neighbourhood plan will not prevent developments happening in the area and cannot contradict the Local Plan as set by Swindon Council, it will provide an element of control over the kinds of developments that will be built.

The plan will set out how the parish will develop, including how to preserve the character of the area, maintain the separation from Swindon, where new homes could be built and how to protect and enhance local facilities and employment.

Anne said: “We really need young people to come forward and share their views, which is difficult but in 60 years time this will affect them more than it does us and it’s really for them.”

Swindon Council designated Stratton as a neighbourhood area last November after the parish council applied to the authority in July last year.

Now the council is looking for input from residents in order to complete the plan in time for next year’s elections.

Anne said: “We are looking to have it all in place by the 2015 elections, but before that it needs to be put together, examined by an independent inspector and been put to referendum.”

In order to support the council with its work developing the new plan, the council were awarded a £6,730 Neighbourhood Planning grant from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The council has also secured Planning Aid which will enable the council to receive advice on how to develop the plan, engage with the local community and develop planning policies to help shape the future development of the area.

To find out more about the Stratton Neighbourhood Plan or to find out how you could get involved, call the clerk, Tracy Predeth on 01793 823761, email or visit