GIANT B52 bombers have been training out of RAF Fairford for the past two weeks as US military chiefs have sent pilots out to familiarise themselves with the European terrain.

Two of the Stratofortress bombers arrived in the US maintained base on June 4 and have been conducting exercises from the station, including joining the 70th commemoration of D-Day earlier this month.

A spokesman for the US Air Force said: “During the deployment, which will span approximately two weeks, the multi-role heavy bombers will conduct training flights in the US European Command area of operations, providing opportunities for aircrews to sharpen skills in several key operational sets and become familiar with airbases and operations in the region.

“The Department of Defense routinely conducts training missions in support of geographic combatant commands.”

B-2 stealh bombers were also based at Fairofrd during the exercise and have been seen flying over Cricklade.