STREET-dance duo Twist and Pulse brought their own brand of comedy to Miss Kel’s Dance Academy on Saturday as they continue to tour at home and abroad.

The budding academy pupils were treated to a unique insight into the off-beat brand of street dancing showcased by the pair who shot to fame in Britain’s Got Talent 2010.

Kelly Wilson, owner of Miss Kel’s, had hoped to make the visit coincide with the opening of their new studio in Bridgemead, which will not be ready for another few weeks. Instead the event was held at the Link Centre.

“We got an email from them, and because we have just bought a new studio we wanted to combine the two as a bit of a celebration,” she said. “Unfortunately that is not ready yet, but it is going to be over at Bridgemead, we are hoping within the next three weeks.

“We wanted to expand and were renting a studio but did not have all the hours. This way we can offer more classes to the children, and we have about 80 pupils now.

“They have had a warm up with the boys who taught them a routine. They’ve also had a photo and autograph session. We are doing it in groups through the day.

“We do normally do street dance, but it is nice to have some male teachers in for a change. They have loved the whole thing and they have been really excited about it.”

Ashley Glazebrook, aka Twist, said the pair used their free time to teach as an aside to their regular touring so they could connect with the next generation of dancers.

“We wanted to come here to check out the talent, and we wanted to see what good dancers there are in the area,” he said. “We just love teaching youngsters, because dance is all about the up and coming.

“We are touring a lot at the moment and we just do teaching in our spare time because we love it.”

Glen Murphy, aka Pulse, said: “There were a few of the kids who had some decent moves. We did them a routine to Pharell’s ‘Happy’ to get them a bit out of their comfort zone. We get them doing funny faces or different moves like soldier’s poses with an aspect they can take away and remember.

“The best thing is they have been really responsive. Some dance schools we have been to are quite shy because they don’t know what we are like, but this lot were really up for it.”

Twist and Pulse are currently looking at their own studio space with a view to running their own school.

“What we are looking to do next is set up our own dance school in London, hopefully branching out after that,” said Ashley. “We want to set up our own curriculum based around street-comedy, so we can teach this in a structured way.”

The pupils came through in groups to see the duo after watching them back on YouTube, and were excited to have something a little different.

Six-year-old Emily Grieves said: “I’ve been coming here for about seven months. I thought they were really cool, and they showed us some street dance. I love it.”