“WE’VE got a mosh pit going on down here,” shouted Deacon Blue frontman Ricky Ross to the picnickers still sat in their deckchairs. “It’s a middle class mosh pit though... they’ve all been to Waitrose before they arrived.”

With that one quip, the cheeky Scot summed up the entire evening; there we were, a bunch of greying, balding 40 and 50-somethings, watching a bunch of greying, balding 40 and 50-somethings do their thing on stage. But boy, do we middle-agers know how to enjoy ourselves.

Ross and fellow vocalist Lorraine McIntosh have lost none of the magical chemistry they had in the 80s – probably because they went on to get married, and remain so – and their voices still blend as powerfully as ever.

Hits like Wages Day and Real Gone Kid had the crowd bouncing up and down (well, until they ran out of breath, obviously), but it’s in the more soulful tracks that their pairing works best, especially the haunting Your Swaying Arms and the encore of Dignity, which saw us all singing Ross’s lines word for word. It was a energetic and passionate performance from all concerned – but we gave as good as we got.

“This is the best job in the world,” said an emotional Ross as he left the stage.

And, 27 years on, you can see that he still loves every minute.