YOUNGSTER Lucy Barker is using the music of One Direction and Taylor Swift as her inspiration on the Alive ‘n’ Kicking fitness programme.

The seven-year-old has signed up to the free Swindon Borough Council scheme which aims to improve children’s health.

It has seen her health improve by providing balanced diet information and encouraging her to take on more exercise.

Parents Claire and Kevin, of Redhouse, have been so inspired by their daughter’s progress they’ve looked to get more active – losing three and a half stone between them.

“We’ve done it together as a family and all feel fantastic. The scheme has made us slimmer and stronger in so many ways, it really has worked wonders,” said Claire, 47.

“It has never been about going on a diet. We’re just making different lifestyle choices and Lucy has really enjoyed the experience.

“She understands it all and has got really into it.

“She’s so proud and has lost 7.5lbs, which makes a visible difference.

“I can see it and so can her friends, who have been so supportive.”

Meal planning and regular exercise are a key part of Alive ‘n’ Kicking.

“I cook meals from scratch and freeze them for the week ahead, so if time is tight we don’t fall into the takeaway or ready meal trap.

“Snacks are now a piece of fruit and we try to do at least an hour of physical activity every day.

“Her dad is also joining in, so we spend more quality time together,” Claire said.

“That could include walking to the supermarket, when previously we drove, going swimming or power hooping.

“Lucy does that every Saturday and absolutely loves it – especially if the music is by One Direction or Taylor Swift, who she absolutely adores.

“We all feel so much more energised and have really embraced the new way of eating and exercising together as a family.”

Besides shedding pounds, Lucy has gained lots more self-confidence and is experimenting with different clothes.

“Lucy has had some unkind remarks about her size in the past, which made her cry, and she was becoming increasingly self-conscious about it. That’s why we all decided to stop getting upset and do something positive about it,” Claire said.

“Lucy is thrilled with the way she looks – she’s not embarrassed to show her tummy when we get changed for swimming and jeggings now feature in her wardrobe, which she shied away from before.”

Alive ‘n’ Kicking focuses on improving the health of two to 16-year-olds.

For more information call 01793 465412 or e-mail and for children’s diet advice visit