ICONIC' 80s film The Breakfast Club is kicking off Swindon’s outdoor cinema season.

The classic teen drama, directed by John Hughes, will be shown at the Old Town Bowl on Friday night with 2015 Oscar winner, Birdman, being screened on Saturday.

Entry to both events is from 7.30pm, on the respective nights, with the films beginning at 9pm.

This is the second year there has been an outdoor cinema at the venue with company Cult Screens organising the festivities.

In August, there will four other films being shown as part of the programme.

Phil Cottle, the firm’s head of ideas, said: “This year is the 30th anniversary of the Breakfast Club so we are really excited to kick off the Swindon’s Cult Screens season by showing it.

“The Breakfast Club is such a feel good, coming of age film. Then we change the pace totally with Birdman the following day, the four times Oscar winning film starring Michael Keaton which is a great watch, and even more atmospheric under the stars.

“We love the idea of returning to Swindon and we’ll be back in August as well with Dirty Dancing, The Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction and Theory of Everything.”

Phil is delighted to return to the town for the sequel. Each showing can welcome an audience of up to 300 people, with film fans being able to watch the features from the comfort of deckchairs and bean bags.

“The response we had last year was phenomenal. People love cinema and watching a classic film outdoors is really atmospheric - it’s a great alternative way to spend an evening with friends or for a date night,” he said.

“We’ll also be bringing some timeless classics to Swindon. All of these can be experienced from comfy beanbags or deckchairs, accompanied with popcorn, cocktails and authentic German hotdogs.”

Cult Screens will be holding events across the south this summer with showings taking place nearby in Oxford and Newbury this summer.

Tickets cost £12.50 for deckchair seating and £14.50 for beanbags.

For more information visit cultscreens.co.uk