SWINDON'S 'Pink Dread Lady' is having her famous locks chopped off after 12 years today.

Gaye Howkins who works in Lush in the town centre was given her nick name by the younger regulars she serves in the cosmetics store after she managed to grown her neon pink dreadlocks down to her legs.

The 32-year-old has taken the brave decision to have them chopped off in aid of Bipolar UK, which supports people with the disorder with which Gaye has also been diagnosed.

To donate, visit: gofundme.com/kx47vccg

“I’m known in Swindon for them [the dreadlocks] Little girls come up to me and call me the Pink Dread Lady. I’m recognised for them,” said Gaye, who lives in Harvester Close, Middleleaze.

“I wanted to raise money for a bipolar charity and I had all these ideas, but wondered what people might actually pay me to do.

“Then I thought the one thing I could do would be to cut off all this hair.”

A little after 2pm today the scissors will be taken to Gaye’s mane and taken to above shoulder length at The Hair Group in Old Town,

It will then be rescued tomorrow with a style and dye by the same hairdressers.

Gaye was first diagnosed with Bipolar, a mental disorder involving periods of elation and depression, at the age of 23 and she said it makes day-to-day living very hard for those who live with it.

After expecting to raise no more than £50 at first, Gaye has been blown away by pulling in more than £300 already.