IN another 12 years’ time Gaye Howkins might become known as Swindon’s ‘Pink Bob Lady’, but for the moment she is still best known for those dreadlocks she had chopped off on Tuesday.

The 32-year-old spent barely 24 hours without any pink in her hair as she swiftly hit the dye bottle yesterday to restore some identity.

The Lush employee will return to work tomorrow with a neon pink bob, but she has certainly earned the style, after raising almost £500 for the charity Bipolar UK.

The Hair Group in Old Town was the scene of the cut on Tuesday, which Gaye said she was excited about by the time it arrived.

“I was really excited and a little bit nervous, but by the time I was in the chair for the top off I was ready for it,” she said.

“That part wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

“I feel lighter and liberated. I instantly felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders”

Gaye, from Harvester Close, had a long day yesterday both with the new style and the 4am finish with her mother, after they worked through the night to comb out the remains of her dreads.

“Wednesday was more hard work than Tuesday because I don’t feel like I am me,” she said.

“I’m finding it quite weird, but better.”

Since her idea first hit the Adver’s pages, the fundraising has gone into overdrive, with more than £150 donated on the day itself, taking the current total over £400.

“It’s been fantastic. I raised over £160 on Tuesday alone,” she said.

“The article really did its job. There were people I hadn’t heard from in years getting in touch with me and messaging me out of the blue.

“My phone didn’t stop.”

“I’m beyond astounded about how much I have actually made. I thought I would only make £50, but I’ve nearly made £500, which is amazing.

“I’m actually getting emotional talking about it. The response has been fantastic.”

When Gaye returns to work tomorrow, she can only hope Swindon’s shopping public will appreciate her new hair.

“Hopefully everyone will like it,” she said.

“There are going to be a lot of people asking me where the dreads have gone and I will probably have to go through everything again.”

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