AN ‘INADEQUATE’ nursing home in Stratton is making improvements since inspectors slammed it in the spring, but more is required to change its overall rating.

Church View Nursing Home in Rainer Street was picked apart by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after three visits in May, which resulted in the enforcement of special measures.

Inspectors returned to make a progress check on October 6 and found action was being taken, but more changes were needed to change its official rating across five areas: safety, effectiveness, care, responsiveness and leadership.

The report, released last Wednesday (NOV 18), said: “At this inspection we found that the provider had taken action to address the issues highlighted in the warning notices. However, some areas required further focus.

“Work had been undertaken to raise the awareness of pressure damage. Care plans, risk assessments and care charts had been reviewed.

“Records showed a more structured approach to the management of wounds, although there was some inconsistency in the description and progress of wounds.

“Staff had not documented the support people received in terms of managing resistance or effective continence care.

“Focus had been given to people’s risk of malnutrition and dehydration. Improvements had been made to records showing people’s daily fluid intake.

“A new initiative of baking bread had been introduced to increase people’s appetite and interest in food. People enjoyed this activity and had gained weight as a result.

“People’s risk of malnutrition had been assessed and their plan of care updated.

“People received fortified foods and supplements but these were not always fully documented.

“Records did not show people had consistently been given snacks between meals or an alternative, if they had declined food.

“Improvements had been made to records showing people’s daily fluid intake. Whilst a review of the staffing arrangements had taken place, the numbers of staff on duty had not been increased. This was because the home was not operating at full occupancy and a review conducted by the registered manager, of people’s dependency, had showed staffing levels to be satisfactory.

“More staff were being recruited to respond to new admissions and to enable greater flexibility with covering staff sickness.

“During the inspection the home was calm and people did not have to wait for assistance.

“Attention had been given to ensure staff had the required knowledge and skills to support people effectively."

“Staff had completed a variety of training courses and were discussing their work within newly introduced supervision sessions.

“New staff had positively added to the skill mix of the team.”

Chris Smith, managing director of Coate Water Care, which owns Church View, said: “Although CQC have reinspected the home following the improvements that have been made to bring it back to the high standards expected of a Coate Water Care home, Unfortunately the rating cannot be improved until a further full reinspection in six months time.

Swindon Borough Council are continuing to monitor the home weekly and are satisfied with the continued improvements, and are now placing residents in the home again.

“There are now 30 very happy residents at Church View.

"We look forward to the next inspection by the CQC, so the home can get the rating that it now truly warrants.”