LOVE was in the air in Wroughton on Sunday morning as residents woke up to discover hundreds of colourful knitted hearts had been tied to railings and lampposts overnight.

The hearts, carrying the message “a heart, made with love, for you to give to someone you love” were placed all around the junction of the High Street and Wharf Road.

The identity of those responsible for the mysterious Valentine’s Day ‘yarn bomb’ has caused much intrigue in the village, with people taking to Facebook to speculate on who might have been behind the idea.

One resident, Tracie Lea, of Weirside Avenue, said: “They just appeared overnight, nobody knows who did it but it’s lovely.

“They’re tied everywhere, hundreds of them. It’s giving everybody a really good feeling.”

An anonymous source close to those involved, said: “The group behind it were chatting recently and coming up with ideas.

“Someone came up with the suggestion of hearts for Valentine’s Day, we found a pattern and it went from there.

“Some ladies knitted a few, one lady has knitted 50.

“Last night seven women and two husbands went out at about 11pm to get everything ready.”

The Adver understands that any hearts that have not been taken by Monday morning will be collected and taken to the British Heart Foundation shop to be sold to raise money for charity.

Wroughton residents commenting on the local Facebook page have praised the Valentines gesture.

Diane Richardson said: “What a wonderful idea, some people have taken time to do this for everybody else.”

Sarah Cole wrote: “That’s so lovely, what a kind thought.”

Andrew Rowlatt added: “I’m not sure who did this, but it’s lovely.”

Shirley Bradford Griffiths added: “No matter how bad we think the world is becoming, there is always love, this is wonderful.”

Swindon MP Robert Buckland commented with a thumbs up and appropriately for the occasion, a heart emoji.