HAVE you heard the joke about the ferret that walked into a pub?

Neither had Dean Bennett until it came true one Thursday evening at the Moonrakers.

Dean, from Pinehurst, was about to enjoy a drink with his best friend Kirk when a snowy white ferret confidently strolled through the Cricklade Road pub’s doors.

Some customers may have thought they’d had one pint too many when confronted with the surreal sight.

“I had come down to meet a friend, I wasn’t drinking as I was driving, when all of sudden, someone pointed behind me and I saw this ferret just walking in through the open doors. I was shocked. He strolled in like he owned the place,” the 24-year-old said.

“It was very casual, relaxed, almost strolling in, he definitely looked like he had been in there before. It was the last thing I expected to see in there.

“My friend was like, catch it, but I was scared he might bite me.

“He then darted behind and tried to go round to the toilets. I grabbed him then and saw he was very friendly and looked very well looked after and fat.

“It is a very unusual thing to have happened.”

Perhaps the friendly ferret was tempted by a refreshing pint or even some pork scratchings as landlady Paula Vernon said he is a pub regular.

“He’s definitely been in before, he seems to be getting quite used to the pub. We have tried to catch him before and put him in a box with some food while we tried to find his owners, but he always slips away,” she said.

But of all the pubs in all the world, the foraging ferret had walked into one where fellow ferret owner Dean was sitting.

He was then captured by Dean who took him home for some TLC alongside his white female ferret Nessie.

Dean’s sister Jade said the ferret was settling in well at their parent’s house.

“He has been eating well and very affectionate since he’s been here, I’m sure his owner is out there somewhere missing him and we really want to track them down.”

The Adver understands that the ferret has now been reunited with its owners after it was taken to Eastcott Vets.