A MARTIAL ARTS whizz has launched a new self-defence school inspired by the movies.

Paul Shears, 42, has opened his Defence Lab: DNA Fight Science School at New College.

The Toothill-based guru, who has been practicing martial arts for the past 20 years, teaches the new style of self-defence which teaches protection and escape rather than out-and out-fighting.

The Defence Lab DNA Fight Science School of martial arts was designed by martial arts expert Andy Norman whose skills have been called upon for Hollywood films such as Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise and Batman Begins.

Paul said: “Self-defence classes tend to teach you how to defend yourself against one person but in this day and age it is essential to learn how to defend yourself against more than one person.

“Simply pushing someone away isn’t enough anymore, you have to defend yourself in a different way and this is fast, accurate and it works.

“It is called DNA because it’s going back to our primal instincts to defend ourselves.

“It should be automatic and it’s about giving yourself time to escape rather than getting into a punch-up.

“We teach the four man box principle which is defending yourself against four people at the same time. This is called shape-shifting where you cover all your major knock-out zones on your head.

“If someone is in front of you and threatening you your attention will be focused on them but you need to be protecting your knock out zones from someone behind you.”

Paul, who is hard of hearing and sometimes has to lip-read, is also keen to encourage people with disabilities to come to his classes and gain confidence.

He said: “I feel that the society is missing out on such a tremendous self defence system that anyone can do.

“I try and encourage all people including those who are less able, wheel chair bound, or disabled to learn about self-defence,. I believe people should feel comfortable and safe no matter what their gender or physical ability.

“Women especially may feel intimidated walking in but this is a fun and relaxed class that anyone of any ability can do.”

Paul, who previously ran Shears Martial Arts School in Newbury said the new style of self-defence had received a positive response from his students.

“The response has been fantastic so far, people are enjoying coming to the classes and learning how to defend themselves in a different way.

He teaches with the help of his partner Kristina Kociovova, 35.

The school launched in January and holds classes on a Monday and Wednesday evening from 8pm to 9pm.

If you are interested in signing up for DNA Fight Science classes email p.shears@defencelab.com