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Both the Parties lost

A WEEK after the General Election we still have the spectacle of our unelected and now unelectable Prime Minister clinging on to power with the aid of a bunch of homophobic misogynistic religious zealots with connections to terrorists after a campaign which saw the Tories squander a 22 per cent lead in the opinion polls and lose their majority. And yet they claim to have won.

The Labour Party are also claiming success but after such an awful campaign from the Tories one cannot help but wonder what the result would have been had the Labour Party been led by a semi-competent moderate individual who appealed to the broader electorate rather than left wing Party activists.

Many people were not attracted to either of the main parties, felt disenfranchised and ended up voting for who they felt to be the least worst alternative as a consequence.

The Electoral Reform Society believes 20 per cent of people voted tactically other groups put the figure as high as 35 per cent. Ultimately, neither Party appealed to the British people and both main parties lost.

I suspect this is due to the fact that both parties have drifted to the extreme over the last couple of years. Both leaders have been rejected by the people and should resign and both Parties should moderate their policies to appeal to the electorate.

ADAM POOLE, Savill Crescent, Wroughton

Are our MPs happy?

ROBERT Buckland and Justin Tomlinson were fortunate in the General Election to hold their seats, albeit with much reduced majorities.

They were spared the fantastic surge in the young vote caused by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, which made a big difference in constituencies with a university.

They have of course pledged support for Theresa May. They are toeing the Party line and will not admit the truth - that May was punished by the electorate for running an arrogant, lacklustre campaign in an election called purely for Party advantage.

Are they really happy that May is reliant on a homophobic, climate change denying party with links to paramilitaries? Are they happy to be starting Brexit negotiations with a Prime Minister who is so unstable?

Another General Election will be held well before 2022 and I hope Swindon finally realises the truth about the Conservatives - they act in their own interests, not the interests of the people they should serve.

NEIL MERCER, Maidstone Road, Swindon

Thanks for your help

AS THE RNLI has decided house to house collections are not in the public interest the Highworth branch has asked for help.

We are pleased to have raised £351.51 at Co-op, in Highworth, £148.59 at Wyevale, in Stratton, £249.55 at Wyevale, in Lechlade and £91.71 at a car boot sale. If anyone else would like to help call 07759 439480.

RON ROSE, Highworth RNLI