The Swindon date of a drama about those awaiting immigration, clearance or deportation, as they languish in centres like the infamous Yarl's Wood, has had to be cancelled, but THE Scar Test can still be seen in London.

The stark building, that looks as if it has been transplanted from an industrial estate, is the setting for the new drama written by Hannah Khalil called The Scar Test, which wwas due to be performed in Swindon as part of Refugee Week but wil now be perforemd in Soho Theatre, London from July 5 to 22.

The scar test is a procedure used in immigration removal centres to determine whether the detainees have undergone torture in their home countries, although many tortures leave no physical or visible scars.

The play is presented by Westminster-based Soho Theatre Company and was to be performed at The Bohemian Balcony in Swindon on Tuesday, June 27 and Wednesday, June 28. Anyone who has bought tickets should contact the venue.

The story of the The Scar Test is based around 11 women refugees held in the centre, where they are kept under lock and key, where there is no privacy, little medical attention and a disturbing record of bad practices.

Hannah said: “The first time I visited Yarl’s Wood was in early 2016. I don’t think enough people realise that this is happening in the UK, right now and it is not acceptable. On a broader scale I’d hope it’s a stark warning about what can happen if we start to see other people as different or less deserving than we are. That way absolute danger lies as we should know from the past…”

Under the directing hand of Sara Joyce the cast are: Janet Etuk, Nadia Nadif, Shazia Nicholls, who appeared in the TV series Doctor Foster, Rebecca Omogbehin, who was featured in the BBC TV series Casualty and Lucy Sheen. - Flicky Harrison