PUPILS and staff at Tadpole Farm Primary Academy have been shouting from the rooftops this week after being given a good rating by Ofsted in their first ever inspection.

The school opened in 2014 and since then has steadily welcomed over 200 pupils through its doors.

And this week the primary school, which is part of the Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust, found out that they were rated good across the board by the education regulator as well as the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS).

Principal Jane Leo said the entire school was ecstatic by the result which is a testament to the hard work of staff.

“Because we are a church school, we want to create an ethos where the children, parents and staff have a sense of place and belonging,” she said. “To be able to build that from nothing and have two external reviews to say that is one of our strengths must show that we are doing something right.

“The part in the Ofsted report that we are immensely proud of is about how well the school staff know the pupils and that is key for us.

“I think it is important in this day and age where other services are being cut back that schools act as a support to families. Schools are often the only constant in a family’s life so that connection with individual pupils and staff is really important to us. “

The school prides itself on their inquiry-based learning approach, encouraging children to grow as independent learners - something that was picked up on in the report.

Her Majesty’s Inspector Jonathan Dyer added: “Leaders set high expectations for staff and pupils and value the contributions made by staff at all levels. Morale is high and there is a strong sense of pride. As a result, the quality of teaching is good and is having a positive effect on pupils’ learning.

“Inspectors spoke to a number of parents who had high praise for the school. One parent, summing up the view of many, told an inspector that she was initially unsure about accepting a place. However, when visiting the school, she had been impressed with the principal’s vision. Most parents of pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities appreciate the care the school provides and how this allows their children to make good progress in their learning.

“From when they start in nursery, children are taught to respect each other and care for their school environment. Throughout the school, there is a strong ethos of friendship and tolerance for others.”

Proud Jane added: “We want our families to know we are here for them and their children and that our care for them doesn’t stop when they leave the building.

“By having the good rating it gives the school a starting point to build on things.

“It was a really affirming visit and such a positive experience for everyone.”