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Steam is an asset

IT IS good that steam is still around producing electricity in power stations whether the heat source is coal, oil, gas or nuclear (Steve Halden July 13).

Our planning experts have forgotten that steam is an asset which, over the years, has never been fully exploited.

The former cooling towers so typical of power stations wasted heat which could have been used to recycle sewage outfall by distillation.

Towns like Swindon extract water from aquifers to supply drinking water, which is a decreasing resource.

Recycling of sewage outfall via distillation could be an answer as the distillation process would produce water clear of germs and the eutrifying nitrates and phosphates currently discharged into rivers like the upper Thames.

Also, using cleaned up sewage outfall for domestic water supply would decrease the need for extra extraction of ground water from aquifers for the growing population of Swindon.

NOEL GARDNER, Carlisle Avenue, Swindon

Use common sense

IN REPLY to Pat Norman (Adver July 10 ) may I make a point regarding my adage on IQs?

Mr Poole clearly declared that the common men and women did not have the intellect to realise the repercussions of leaving the failing Disunion.

IQs have no connection with common sense. That is accrued by living in the real world on a daily basis.

There are many academics on the tax payers’ payroll who hated the vote regarding Britain leaving the Disunion, becoming a free and sovereign nation, controlling our borders and judiciary, as well as our fishing rights as an island nation.

Mr Poole’s nonsensical remarks about political bias seem to have forgotten Chameleon Cameron’s false brochure of doom sent through my letterbox at taxpayers’ expense.

Finally, just a thought, in reply to Ray Reader, you couldn’t make it up on a good day. No offence Ray.

I am afraid that the internet has destroyed any chance of any future employment in the newspaper industry and my personal circumstances regarding caring for my good lady with advanced Alzheimer’s makes my contributions to the Adver pages and its readers a welcome break. Forgive me for that one readers.

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Trouble for tenants

Landlords could be fined £5,000 if their properties do not pass the energy efficiency test by April 2018.

About 400,000 homes have not yet passed this test and it will be illegal to continue to rent out these properties after that date.

The Business Section of the Advertiser July 12 explains all the details relating to the Energy Act 2011.

A million tenants could be affected by this new law. This really is a crazy time to bring in these new regulations. It could lead to a huge number of properties being taken out of the rental market, and there is already a desperate shortage of housing in Britain.

TERRY HAYWARD, Burnham Road, Swindon