Being a drummer was a huge boost to the recovery of Glen Power from The Script following a serious head injury.

Not long after the success of the rock band's eponymous debut album, Glen slipped on a marble floor and hit his head. He was out for a night with his parents and his father insisted he went to hospital, where he was given an emergency craniotomy.

"They told me that if he hadn't insisted I could have had a stroke,'' said Glen. "Now every day is a blessing. The big surgeon told me that my quick recovery (only nine days) was down to the fact that as a drummer I am moving all my limbs all the time, and my brain kicked in fast to fix the problem. Dicing with death makes you appreciate things.''

Now firmly back in the saddle and gearing up for a UK tour to promote the new album called Freedom Child, Glen, along with lead singer Dan O'Donoghue and guitarist Mark Sheehan, will be dropping in to Swindon's Oasis, North Star on Friday, August 25.

The album came about through Mark's son who was only seven at the time and attending drills for emergency assemblies at school. He asked his father what terrorists were!

"What do you say?'' said Glen. "Freedom Child came out of that. It is the freedom to be who your are and allow others to do the same. The world is a big place, no need for killing and hatred. Love is the answer.''

The Script are due to celebrate their 10th anniversary next year having notched up five albums, hit singles with: We Cry, The Man Who Can't Be Moved, Breakeven, For the First Time and their current single Rain, which is already getting serious airplay.

"We wanted to do an upbeat song to make people dance. We never get people dancing at our gigs and so we wanted something light. We are not changing musical direction but we wanted to mix in a bit of fun,'' said Glen, who was inspired to take up music by his dad, a singer with show bands.

"But the number one thing I learned from him was no matter how high you go in life, if you want a cup of tea you ask where the kettle is and offer to make it for them,'' said Glen.

The drummer started out at 16-years-old, working as a technician for Runrigg and playing drums for the Irish singer Brendan O'Carroll.

"I played all over the UK and Ireland with Brendan and learned a lot. I put my back out lifting a bass drum and they carried me out but he paid me anyway. He hasn't changed. My father is still good friends with him and I went down with my Dad and we sat drinking cappuccino and lattes.''

Glen says The Script are strictly a democratic band, a three way split on decisions. When Danny was asked to appear on the TV series, The Voice, as a coach, it was a joint decision that he should go.

"Danny being on The Voice made people more aware of who we are, which was a good thing for the band. But I think Danny likes being back as lead singer, it's his music path,'' said Glen.

Supporting the trio in Swindon is singer/songwriter JP Cooper whose hit September Song went to number seven in the UK charts last year.

Tickets are standing only £43.45, and tickets plus CD bundle £54.95. They are available from - Flicky Harrison