WE want out - no divorce bills, no transitional periods, no more EU laws - out.

That is the call from the organisers of a march billing itself as ‘Brexit means exit’ which will take place in Swindon town centre on Saturday, September 9.

Those behind the event are calling it an opportunity to show politicians who they see as being trapped in the Westminster bubble that the people of towns and cities around the country want to see last year’s Brexit vote put into action.

Organiser Martin Costello, who stood for UKIP in South Swindon at the last General Election, said: “People are getting uneasy and losing confidence that our leaders will deliver what we voted for.

“We voted to leave but we have talk of a divorce bill and giving our fishing waters away.

“This issue has been very decisive and caused much bad blood between so many people.

“Our aim is to unite everyone and to educate people on the positives of Brexit. United we hand the olive branch out and ask everyone to come together and draw a line under the matter.”

Martin and his fellow organisers have been keen to emphasise that the event is non-party political and not a UKIP campaign rally.

Caroline Stephens, a Chippenham-based Brexiteer who was an early supporter of Aaron Banks’ Leave.eu movement ahead of the referendum, has given her backing to the event.

She says she hopes the town will be a “beacon” and that other areas outside London will follow suit.

Details have now been released about the format of the event. Unlike most political demonstrations in the town which gather in Wharf Green, the Brexit march organisers have chosen the cenotaph at Regent Circus as their meeting point.

Marchers will hear speeches from, among others, a leading local businessman and a leave-backing Green Party candidate before setting off through the town and on to Faringdon Road park.

“We feel that the cenotaph is a very fitting venue being a place where communities come together to remember those who paid in blood for our freedom in relatively recent history,” said Martin.

“This is a party neutral event that everyone is welcome to attend, particularly those who wish to show their support for Brexit and those who wish to learn more on how our departure from the EU will benefit them and their family.

“People seem to confuse the European Union with Europe – it is clear, we are proud Europeans and enjoy our diverse cultures but we despise the EU that have so much control over our daily lives.

“The EU started with good intentions as do most things, but it has become political and we do not elect them.”

To his fellow Brexiteers who believe that now the referendum campaign is over they will take a back seat, Martin had this message: “Some leave supporters may not decide to actually attend the event as they know Leave won the vote democratically - this is their prerogative, however, we feel that it is their duty to attend.”