SCOOTER enthusiasts got all revved up as they gathered at the Wyvern Theatre to mark the opening night of a musical.

Members of the Swindon In-Crowd Scooter Club rode from the County Ground to the Wyvern on Monday to show off some of their prized 1960s bikes.

And theatre goers, all of whom had turned up for the first night of All or Nothing: The Mod Musical, were very impressed.

“It’s always nice when people admire the scooters,” said club member Mark Chrisp.

“A lot of blood, sweat and finances goes into putting them on the road, so it feels good to show them to people who appreciate them.”

The musical, which tells the story of The Small Faces and the birth of the Mod movement, ends at the Wyvern tomorrow after a three-night run.

Mark, 54, from North Swindon, said: “When Quadrophenia came out in the late '70s, a lot of people became interested.

“There are so many these days, now that they have a few extra pennies in their pockets, who want to get back on it – I suppose you could call it trying to relive our youth.”

The Swindon In-Crowd Scooter Club began in the mid-1960s and is still a popular outfit for enthusiasts today.

They travel around the country and to Europe taking part in a number of events, shows and races, and doing a lot of charitable riding, too.

Explaining the idea behind gathering at the Wyvern, Mark said: “It was an excuse for a few of us to meet up and show the scooters off ahead of the musical.”

Mark couldn’t make the show on Monday, but he’s hoping to see it tonight.

“I’ve heard plenty of good things about it, so it should be a good one,” he said. He couldn’t say for sure if the scooters will be back at the Wyvern again, but, if they are, he urged people to come and say hello.