A masquerade ball to raise money for a local stillbirth charity will be held in Swindon this weekend, with a three-course meal, balloon-pop raffle and disco at the centre of proceedings.

The charity Swindon SANDS – stillbirth and neonatal death – will be hosting the event this Saturday which, with the exception of last year, has been held annually over the last few years.

Co-chair of the charity, Natasha Wilson, said: “The event is to raise funds which will go directly to Swindon SANDS, because our charity is solely running on money that people donate.

“A big event like this will really help us over the next year: it goes towards monthly support meetings, other awareness events and any projects that we have up-and-coming within Sands.”

This year was seeing a step up in the scale of the event, she said: “This year we are in the Village Hotel in Shaw Ridge, because we want a new way of doing it. We want it a lot bigger, we’re keeping it more Swindon-based, so it’s a bit closer for any parents that want to come.

“Hopefully it will mean more people can come, and bring more money with them!

“A lot of the people who are coming have been affected by stillbirth in some way, either themselves, or through a family member or friend.

“The event will let them know what we are about. It will showcase what we have done in the last year, and any projects we have coming up.”

Tickets for the event are priced at £40, including the three-course meal, entertainment, disco and a drink on arrival.

For more information, email fundraising@swindonsands.org.