At the heart of the Brexit debate is Swindon South MP Robert Buckland.

He has been the MP for the constituency since 2010 and is the current Solicitor General for England and Wales. Among his duties is helping the redrafting the laws of the land for when the UK leaves Europe Union.

Mr Buckland was the guest speaker at the Swindon Chamber of Commerce economic lunch which was sponsored by Barclays Bank and hosted by the Double Tree Hilton Hotel.

Mr Buckland was a supporter of Britain’s membership of the European Union while his fellow Conservative MP, Justin Tomlinson, who holds the Swindon North seat voted for Brexit.

Both MPs have spoken to their local chamber of Commerce - this year and last – keeping members abreast of the current political situation.

At the recent lunch Mr Buckland was introduced by Trevor French, regional corporate director at Barclays Bank and thanked by Kevin Gwilliam, the president of the Swindon Chamber of Commerce.

Engaging companies to ensure that the Government delivers a business friendly Brexit has been named as the number one policy priority by Swindon Chamber Council.

This was was fully endorsed and supported by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce group, the only accredited Chamber in the region, of which Swindon is a member.

The assembly of Chamber Presidents’ securing the right Brexit deal for the community was determined as crucial for the future of the town.

Swindon is also home to global brands such as Nationwide, Intel and the UK manufacturing hub for Honda and BMW.

In its key policy statement, which was formally presented at the Around 30 leading business men and women attended the lunch and Mr Buckland answered a series of questions.

Adam Flint, the general manager of the Double Tree Hilton said he was pleased to be hosting the lunch and looked forward to be doing another.

"The Double Tree Hilton is part of the Swindon business community and it is important that we are at the heart of it," he said.