ADVER reporter Matt Edwards is putting down his pen and notebook as he trains to complete the London Marathon.

The 23-year-old, of Newhall Street, is getting ready to run in his second marathon to raise money for the cot death charity, the Foundation For The Study Of Infant Deaths.

Five years ago, Matt completed the marathon after a bet with friends at university. However, after suffering an injury playing football, he struggled to get around the course in a time of just over five hours.

Since that day he has always wanted to complete the gruelling course again to set a respectable time and this time he has given up alcohol and not enjoyed a tipple since January.

Matt is running for FSID after speaking about the charity to his girlfriend, 22-year-old Kate Lister, whose brother Joe died from cot death in 1988 when he was five-months-old.

So far he has raised nearly £500, covered more than 150 miles in training and is hoping to finish the marathon in under four hours.

He said: “Since I completed the marathon last time I have always wanted to take it on again. Because of the injury I ended up hobbling around the majority of the course.

“I have made sure this year that I have trained properly and I am up to running about 15 miles on my training runs. I really wanted to run in aid of a charity that meant something to me and when Kate told me about her brother it really touched me.

“The support I have received from her family shows how much it means to them.

“Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to any parent and if I can do something to help prevent that from happening then I will be happy.”

Cot death claims the lives of more than 300 babies every year in the UK.

Related links •Support Matt Ads by Google New Carte Noire Instinct Try The New Carte Noire Instinct Wholebean Instant Coffee Today. London Half Marathon 2012 Cheapest Entry Cost You'll Find Guaranteed Entry Only £40! FSID Chief Executive Francine Bates, said: “I’m taking on the London Marathon myself this year as part of our amazing FSID team – and I’m thrilled to be running alongside Matt.

“The vital funds raised will go towards funding new research and supporting bereaved families across the UK.”

•Matt is aiming to raise £1,000 and if you would like to support him please visit www. overtheline.