POLICE plans that could include major changes at Wiltshire headquarters in London Road, Devizes have been revealed today by Wiltshire and Swindon Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson.

Mr Macpherson said that the headquarters in London Road is not considered fit for purpose.

He said: "We will explore whether the buildings can be reconfigured or whether a more radical redevelopment is needed."

Mr Macpherson wants to see the cost of running the force’s HQ and other buildings reduced by 20 per cent by 2021, but insists the project is driven not by austerity but by efficiency.

He said: “Reducing our estate will generate capital which can be re-invested in the estate we need for the future and into further improving our ICT."

Chief Constable Mike Veale said: “I’m delighted that the Commissioner is making a major investment to provide buildings fit for 21st Century policing.”

Plans also selling off the Devizes Borough police station in New Park Street and staff will transfer to headquarters.

There will be eight CPT hubs at the following locations:

1. Police HQ, Devizes (at present the hub is at Devizes Borough in New Park Street; this site will be sold once CPT officers and staff transfer to HQ). As for the London Road HQ, we do not consider it fit for purpose. We will explore whether the buildings can be reconfigured or whether a more radical redevelopment is needed

2. Gablecross, Swindon

3. Monkton Park, Chippenham

4. Trowbridge

5. Warminster (the police station is not fit for purpose. We will explore with partners the options for a suitable base in the town, either on the present site or at a new, shared location)

6. Royal Wootton Bassett (this station is in need of a radical overhaul. We will explore the possibilities of the Force sharing a building in the town with partners)

7. Bourne Hill, Salisbury

8. Tidworth (serving both Tidworth and Amesbury)

Mr Macpherson said: "Since the closure of Salisbury custody in June 2014 detainees have been taken to Melksham custody by a dedicated Prisoner Transport Team made up of police staff.

"The Chief Constable and I concluded that two units - Gablecross in Swindon and one other – were sufficient. Consideration was given to building a new unit in the Warminster area which would have led to the closure of Melksham custody.

"However we have agreed that, against a backdrop of falling demand for custody as a result of changes in the law restricting police bail, that we cannot justify spending up to £11m of public money to move a custody unit 12 miles south of Melksham when it would provide only a marginal improvement in the travel time from the Salisbury area whilst at the same time increasing journey times from the north and west of Melksham.

"Therefore Melksham custody will remain open. Both Gablecross and Melksham custody units will be updated and renovated in line with maintenance schedules. The remainder of the Melksham building will continue to provide a base for operational teams.

"A number of small police buildings are under-used and cost money to maintain. In Tisbury, for example, officers and staff are now making use of the council’s Nadder Centre, allowing the police station to close, producing a saving in running costs of 95 per cent.

"Senior officers have indicated where other touchdown points would be useful and that list has been shared with council and blue light partners to help identify suitable premises in the following locations:











"We already share premises with partners at the following locations:

Bradford on Avon

Springfield campus, Corsham


Swindon North Point

Swindon West Point

Swindon town centre

"The intention is to continue with front counter services at the following locations:


Devizes HQ



Bourne Hill, Salisbury

Monkton Park, Chippenham

Marlborough (limited hours)"