Welcome back to my weekly golf tips column.

Having sorted the correct way to grip the club last week, I’m going to move onto the set-up.

The set-up is a crucial part of perfecting your golf swing and should not be neglected.

To start, stand with your feet shoulder width apart with the ball positioned in the middle of your stance and the club held out in front of you.

The ball position should remain in the centre of the stance when using a pitching wedge, nine, eight and seven iron.

When you hit a lower club, for example a three or four iron, the ball position gradually moves further forwards towards the left foot.

Ball position sorted, you need to add some flex in the knees to generate a solid base in the lower half of your body.

Keeping your spine angle as straight as possible, bend from the waist until your club meets the ground.

This is fantastic drill to set up the perfect address to the ball. Keeping a routine like this is an ideal way of preventing bad habits from creeping into your game.

When using the driver we need to adapt this set-up because the club is longer than your irons.

Firstly the width of the stance need to be increased by stepping a further foot away with the right foot.

Make sure the ball is positioned inside the left heel.

The same amount of flex is needed in the legs as the stance for the irons while your back needs to be as straight as possible.

Avoid being hunched in your posture as it will affect how you turn the club back and through the swing.

Your right shoulder should be slightly lower than the left and your head slightly behind the ball.

This will give you the best chance of turning the club back on line and sweeping the ball off the tee.

That’s the set-up sorted and now you’re ready to actually hit the ball.

Next week I’m going to take an in-depth look into the most common fault in golf... the slice and reveal how to fix it.

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