Dear all, .

After been corrected by Rebel_Phish in such a nice way this plonked has now updated the League Tables in the results thread, the F.A. Cup 3rd Rd results and the 4th Rd draw are also updated.

I've put together some special bonus questions for end of February points - CLOSING DATE = 2pm Saturday January 26th….THIS Saturday!!

If you get all of them correct you would earn a 53pt bonus…..but realistically it's a good opportunity to earn 10 - 20pts if you put your mind to it - with the top of the table so finely balanced especially given the February fixtures these are exciting times.

Tranmere questions will be out on Thursday.

Special Bonuses: .


U) Name the League 1 Top 6 in sequence (3pts per team in the right position + a 10pt bonus if all 6 correct).

V) How many points in total will Swindon have at the end of February? (5pts).

W) How many league goals in total will Swindon have at the end of February? (5pts).

X) How many goals will Collins and Williams have at the end of February (5pts per player + 5pt bonus for both correct).

Y) How many minutes into the Crawley Live match coverage on Sky will we see a collage of Paolo showing his bust up with Clarke? (5pts).

Z) How many games unbeaten (add in the 7 to date) will we go unbeaten? - e.g. if you think Tranmere will beat us on Saturday then the answer is 7 (5pts).



Cheers all - SAPFanSTFC"