THE County Ground’s current head ball boy Bradley Carter believes both Eden Hazard and Charlie Morgan should take equal blame for the scenes at the Liberty Stadium on Wednesday night.

Chelsea’s Belgian star Hazard has been charged by the FA after appearing to kick 17-year-old Morgan in a bid to get the ball back in the closing stages of their League Cup semi-final second leg clash with Swansea, earning him a red card in the process.

Town fan Carter, 16, has been in his role at the County Ground for the last three seasons, but will hang up his stool at the end of the current campaign due to the club’s policy not to have anyone over 16 working as a ball boy.

The youngster is responsible for any problems which occur with other ball boys during the game, and if the ball is ever kicked out of the ground it is his responsibility to leave the stadium and retrieve it.

The teenager was watching with interest on Wednesday night, and doesn’t believe either side deserves to take all of the blame.

“I thought the ball boy was in the wrong to start with because he should have just given it back, but then again I don’t think he deserved to be kicked by Hazard either,” he said. “You don’t know whether or not he was told to hang onto the ball or anything like that, but at Swindon we are just told to get the ball back as quickly as we can to both teams.

“We want to keep the game flowing, and that is the most important thing.

“During the last 10 minutes of games we are told to let the players go and get the ball themselves if they are close so that we don’t get in the way, especially if the matches are close.

“I think the ball boy the other night should have let Hazard get it himself because he was there, and if he had none of this should have happened.”

Carter also believes 17-year-old Morgan should not have even been allowed anywhere near the pitch for the game.

“What happens at Swindon at the moment is that when you hit 16 you can go to the end of that season and then you have to stop,” he said.

“I think that is the right thing to do, because you need to give a chance for the younger guys to come through and get a chance to do it because it is a great job to have.”