TROY Batchelor will have a quieter time this week after flying halfway around the world and back again prior to returning to help Swindon Robins claim their first win of the Elite League season.

The Aussie arrived back in the UK early last week after heading to New Zealand for his first appearance in the Grand Prix.

The Robins skipper admitted that he was feeling the effects of traveling Down Under and back again after Swindon’s 57-36 win over Belle Vue Aces.

With the next GP not until after Easter and a little closer to home in Poland, Batchelor is looking forward to having a little less travelling to do.

“This is going to be a standard week for me,” he said. “I’m off to Poland to do testing and racing that kind of stuff.

“I’m really busy, I’ve got another GP coming up soon so there is some testing that needs to be done.

“But if you want to win you have got to work.

“(Having the GP) this side of the world is going to be nice, it is a track that we have been to a few times, whereas New Zealand was the first time there.

“I’ve got a bit of info about this track (The ZKS Polonia Stadium in Bydgoszcz) from my previous times there, I know what to expect.

“As soon as the New Zealand GP was over we started work on the next one, I want to improve on my last performance.”

While in New Zealand, Batchelor missed the Robins defeat to Coventry Bees and he said that the team had got together prior to the Aces success to get themselves going.

“It is just speedway you win some and lose some,” he said. “Everyone knows what happened and why it went wrong.

“You work on that, why and how we can get it better and we had a little chat to pick ourselves up and everyone did well.”