SWINDON Croquet Club started their competitive season in the South West Federation with two matches on Friday.

The B Team travelled to Worcester Norton, where they enjoyed a successful day. In the morning Roger Bedells and Bill Marner had a slow game against Rose Taylor and Justin Davies from the home club but managed to keep the lead throughout and ended up winning 10-7 on time.

Swindon’s Mary Bedells started well against Janet Rawling but Rawling got her eye in and made several good four-ball breaks to eventually win 14-7.

By the afternoon heavy rain had set in but this did not deter the Swindon team, who went on to win all three of their remaining games.

Bill Marner beat Janet Rawling 14-10, Roger Bedells defeated Justin Davies 14-4 and Mary Bedells kept an improving Sue Way-Vautier at bay to win 12-7, as Swindon completed a 4-1 victory.

Meanwhile, at home on the club’s lawns in Moredon the weather was even worse when the Golf Croquet Team played Broadwas. The visitors had a more experienced side but Swindon ran them close, slipping to a narrow 11-9 defeat.

Results (Swindon players first): Tony Mayer & Yvonne Turner 7 John Guy & Ian Shaw 5; Garry Douel & Teresa Hill 7 Stuart Smith & Eileen Holt 6; Liz French & Tony Mayer 6 John Evans & John Guy 7; Garry Douel & Teresa Hill 3 John Guy & Ian Shaw 5; Liz French 6 John Evans 4; Garry Douel 7 John Steel 5; Tony Mayer 0 John Guy 4; Yvonne Turner 7 Ian Shaw 3; Teresa Hill 5 Stuart Smith 7; Liz French 7 Eileen Holt 6; Tony Mayer 2 John Evans 7; Teresa Hill 2 John Steel 7; Tony Mayer 7 Stuart Smith 2; Teresa Hill 3 Eileen Holt 7; Garry Douel 5 John Guy 7; Liz French 6 Stuart Smith 4; Tony Mayer 7 Eileen Holy 5; Teresa Hill 7, John Evans 3; Liz French 6 John Steel 7.

  • The following day saw an in-club tournament for association players, with eight taking part. The day was organised into two groups of four, with each entrant playing the other three leading to a final between the two group winners.

In group A, John Small won all three of his games, beating John Airey 9-4, Mary Bedells 13-6 and Tony Mayer 14-4. Mayer won two games, beating Airey 15 -4 and Bedells 8-7, and Bedells beat Airey 12-11.

In Group B, Neil Morrison won three games, beating Diana Trott 11-9, Roger Bedells 15 -9 and Bill Marner 15 -10. Bedells beat Trott 9 -8 and Marner 14 -3, and Trott beat Marner 11 -6.

The final was played between Small and Morrison, with Small winning 14-8. Mayer and Roger Bedells fought it out for third place, with Mayer winning 8-6.

  • Places are still available on the club’s beginners’ course on Thursday afternoons, while anyone is welcome to come along to club meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Contact secretary John Airey on 01793 873026 or email william.airey@ntlworld.com for more details.