Predictions League: FA Cup Final

Today we have the end of Season kick-about that is the FA Cup final. The grass has been cut, the white lines freshly painted. The sun is shining and it is a great day for a football match. No need to put the jumpers down as Wembley has new, full sized goal posts, equipped with nets and the latest in goal line technology. The match is being contested by Premier League side, The Gloster Old Boys and the League One challengers in the shape of Bondy 54.

Earlier in the week, the top 30 were asked to stand on the half-way line and the teams were picked.



Rebel Phish, Redgollum, CraftyPig, Glosteroldboy (capt), guyswonga, Oxon-Red, jgcirencester, louiscassius, Airframe-dtm, Norfolk69er, helpme234.

Subs: Kelliz, Roy Carter, Guildford Way Red, Davidsyrett.


NewburyNick, Old-Stager, Badger58, NewburyMike, NewburySandy, ctown_red, jason900, Oz ashes, red white, dazinblack, Bondy54 (capt).

Subs: perth red, Oldhamred, btel66, Itzadave.

The teams are out on the pitch, doing their warm up routines and soaking up the atmosphere. It’s time for the last minute pep talks as the sides prepare for battle.

Commentary on the match will follow shortly.


First Half.

0:00 The ref blows his whistle for the start of the match and we’re underway. There are some early exchanges as the teams settle down. There are a lot of nerves out there and no wants to make a mistake.

3:30 Crafty sends a diagonal ball across to Louis on the wing who finds the goal line, whips in a cross and helpme puts just over the bar.

6:45 Corner for Bondy. Oz crosses the ball and sweet volley by daz and forces a save from Nick.

7:10 Corner for Bondy. Another cross from Oz, Nick rises to collect the ball. The ball is quickly thrown out wide to Jason who passes to red white on the half way line.

Foul. Free kick Bondy 54 for Gloster’s challenge on red white.

8:12 Ball is driven into the box from the free kick but eludes everyone and goes out for a goal kick.

12:29 Corner for Bondy. Quick short corner taken by Oz to ctown. Ball crossed in and met by Bondy. Great save by Rebel phish low to the right.

16:32 Sandy makes a penetrating run down the left. Quick give and go to dazinblack. Daz lays it back to Sandy who crosses the ball into the box. Rebel takes the ball off the head of helpme.

It’s all one way traffic at the moment; The Gloster Old Boys have no answer.

20:13 Bar Bondy hits the bar. A thumping shot from the edge of the box crashes into the crossbar. The captain surely thought he’d opened the scoring with that one.

23:49 PENALTY Redgollum trips red white in the box. Penalty to the Old Boys.

24:02 Booking Redgollum is booked for the challenge. Luckily he wasn’t the last man or it could have been a Red for red.

24:58 Airframe sends NewburyNick the wrong way only to see his effort strike the bottom of the post and go out for a goal kick. An opportunity missed and against the run of play.

28:09 GOAL (Bondy 54 1, The Gloster Old Boys 0). Dazinblack shows Airframe how it’s done as he steers the ball past an outspread Rebel.

Assist by Oz ashes.

You have to say, it’s been coming for a while.

30.28 Corner Bondy 54. Ball is sent deep to the back of the box and there’s red white to head the ball towards the goal. Rebel tips it over the bar.

31:03 Corner Bondy 54. Oz floats the ball into the box once again.

31:30 GOAL (Bondy 54 1, The Gloster Old Boys 1). Rebel collects the ball from the corner and quick as a flash pumps the ball up field. One bounce and Norfolk loops the ball over a bewildered Nick.

Assist by Rebel phish.

Totally against the run of play. It’s been all the 54’s for the first half hour.

That’s just what The Old Boys needed. They have been under the cosh since the opening minutes of this game.

35:18 Booking Crafty scythes down Bondy as jinxed his way towards goal. Free Kick. There’s a bit of heated discussion and the Ref tells both of them to calm down. Good decision.

36:12 The ball is about 25 yards out. Oz ashes is shaping for a shot. Surely not. Rebel sees it late and with fingertips pushes it onto the bar.

Another corner to 54. That’s their fifth, I don’t think Old Boys have had any yet, Just goes to show how dominant the Championship side has been this half.

Oz ashes takes a poor corner this time and it is easily cleared by Redgollum who is being booed by the crowd.

38:36 JG has the ball and takes it down the right flank. He’s been very quiet this half. To be fair Old Boys front line have struggled this half. He cuts inside leaving Mike and then Sandy for dead. Lay-off to Louis how flashes inches wide of the mark. That’s a little better.

Apart from the penalty, Oh! and the one bounce and in, it’s their best effort on goal.

42:20 54 have had all the play and will feel a little aggrieved not to be going in at half time with the lead.

42:49 Corner to Old Boys. Their first of the match. JG puts the ball across Louis knock-down, Wonga shot, Goal. No, off the line. Badger lunges at the ball and put out for another corner.

43:19 JG from the other side drives the ball to the edge of the box and there’s helpme who thunders a shot goalwards, straight into the arms of NewburyNick.

44:20 Ctown (54) fouls Oxon (Old Boys) on the halfway line. Free kick quickly taken, the ball is pushed out wide to JG, who beats one, no two players and lays it off to Airframe in the middle. Onto Norfolk but he is beaten to the ball by Mike.

45:00 2minutes of added time.

45:00 +0:53 GOAL Bondy 54 1, Gloster Old Boys 2.

Rebel plays the short ball to Crafty, who passes to wonga, onto Helpme. Looping cross and there’s Airframe to head the ball home. Sweet, slick, Goal. Bondy,s defence were unpicked with four quick and simple passes straight down the middle of the park.

45:00 +1:48 Ref calls time on the first half Half Time Bondy 54 was caught napping at the end of the first half and paid the price. The Old Boys can feel somewhat lucky to be ahead. Will make the half time team talks somewhat different to what they would have been 2 minutes ago.

We’re off with the start of the second half and Bondy 54 have made a change. Red white is off and perth red is on. Looks like he’ll be playing in front of Oz. Should provide some punch. The Old Boys remain unchanged.

Second Half

45:00 We’re underway and from the off 54 are back in the driving seat. Shot from Daz just over.

48:33 Corner to Old Boys. JG cross met by helpme. Saved by Nick 51:20 Foul JG is brought down by Old-stager. Another free kick. Wasted effort as it goes wide.

55:41 GOAL Bondy 54 2, Gloster Old Boys 2 NewburyMike and Sandy combine well for 54. Jason continues the move down the left with a pass of pin-point precision. Perth brings the ball under control, one touch, two and the ball is driven low and hard into the top right corner. Rebel has no chance.

Game on.

60:02 Booking Yellow card for Badger for a heavy challenge on Oxon. Don’t think he will be able to continue.

61:40 Substitution Kelliz on for Oxon.

63:12 Airframe and Bondy combine but Redgollum intercepts. Gloster delivers a long range pass out to JG. He crosses to Norfolk and Nick palms the ball round the post for a corner 64:20 Corner for Old Boys. JG cross and Wonga forces another save from Nick.

67:46 Kelliz to Louis to Airframe, back to kellis – great overlapping run – Shot, Nick saves again.

70:34 Ctown combines with Jason, who is brought down by wonga. Oz takes the resulting free kick.

70:38 GOAL Bondy 54 3, Gloster Old Boys 2 Dazinblack turns the ball low to the left and in off the post. His second of the match puts the 54’s back in the lead.

Assist by Oz ashes.

74:56 Corner for Old Boys. JG swings the ball in and Airframe heads over.

76:30 Substitution Old Boys. Norfolk is replaced by Guildford Way Red 76:45 Substitution Old Boys. Louis is replaced by Roy Carter. The Old Boys are going for it as they bring on a fresh strike force. If they’re going to turn this game around they have to act fast.

77:07 GOAL Bondy 54 3, Gloster Old Boys 3 Guilford’s only been on the pitch for 30 seconds and with his first touch the ball is in the back of the net.

Assist from Airframe.

78:23 Substitution Bondy 54. Jason900 is replaced by Oldhamred 82:23 GOAL Bondy 54 3, Gloster Old Boys 4 What a turnaround. Carter switches the play from the left to the right wing and JG plants the ball onto the head of Guildford who nods the ball down and over the line. Nick just looks on, rooted to the spot.

85:15 Mike and Sandy combine again and ctown passes to Oz who jinks left, right, left again on a powerful run into the box. Ball to perth and shot is parried away for a corner.

86:13 Corner for Bondy 54. Oz crosses, Bondy rises to meet it but Rebel comes and claims the ball ahead of him.

88:34 Corner for Bondy 54. Same again, Oz lifts the ball long and deep, Oldham strikes the ball and it’s off the line by Crafty.

89:15 54 come close again as Daz flashes wide.

There’s 3 minutes of time to add on to the end. The 54’s need a goal to force extra time.

90:00 +0:28 Free kick to Bondy 54. Gloster brings down Oldham on the edge of the box.

90:00 +0:59 Booking Gloster goes into the Ref’s book. Yellow card.

90:00 +1:28 BAR Free kick to Bondy 54. NewburyNick goes forward for the free kick. Oz curls the ball over the wall and Rebel just gets there in time to tip it onto the bar.

90:00 +2:06 Corner to Bondy 54. Nick stays forward for the corner. Oz whips another driving cross into the box and Rebel punches the ball clear. Carter picks up the loose ball, its three against two. Ball goes to Helpme.

90:00 +2:26 GOAL Bondy 54 3, Gloster Old Boys 5 Old-stager is stranded two on one with Nick rushing to get back. Helpme, unselfishly squares the ball to Kelliz who rolls the ball into the open net.

90:00 +3:06 Booking Kellis booked for excessive celebration.

90:00 +3:27 The Ref blows the final Whistle and the match ends.

Final Score

Bondy 54 3 (Dazinblack 29, 71. Perth 56.) , Gloster Old Boys 5 (Norfolk 32. Airframe 45. Guildford 78, 83. Kelliz 90)

Gloster Old Boys make their way up the steps to receive the trophy. And as one the Cup is hoisted high in the air and the party begins.