PADDY Fitzpatrick does not expect to see a changed man in Carl Froch when the first bell sounds at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night.

Froch defends his WBA and IBF super-middleweight world belts against Fitzpatrick’s boxer George Groves in a hugely anticipated rematch which will break British boxing’s attendance records.

Groves outboxed Froch in the pair’s first bout before he was controversially stopped in the ninth round. Froch has since admitted that he underestimated challenger Groves and insists the best Carl Froch will turn up on Saturday night.

Fitzpatrick however claims Froch cannot change his ways and says the Nottingham warrior cannot do anything to change technically.

“He can’t change anything,” the Swindon trainer told the Advertiser when asked what kind of performance he expects from Froch. “I expect him to over train.

“I expect it to be like (Oscar) De La Hoya versus (Manny) Pacquiao physically, emotionally I expect it to be like Mike Tyson and (Evander) Holyfield in the rematch.

“Tyson against Holyfield is a great example because you are near the end of your career and then there is a man who questions you in every single way that you were never questioned before within those four ropes.

“Then you come back and it all goes back to what it was before and you have to decide can you do this for another 11.

“Tyson decided he couldn’t and I think whereas Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear, I think that Carl will start fouling because he will lose control of himself, he will lose his emotions and start fouling.”

Froch appears more focused for this fight, having based himself in a hotel near his training camp in Sheffield during the week, but Fitzpatrick believes that will make little difference and claims that the champion also trained properly for the first fight anyway.

“This is a small world boxing, he trained completely physically for the last fight, we know he did, he was ready for it,” said Fitzpatrick.

“[He is] just grasping, he is just trying to do anything he can, he can’t make a technical adjustment so he has to make some type of adjustment to get him more driven, more determined.

“Determination is all right but if you are going in the wrong direction it doesn’t matter how hard you force yourself if you are going the wrong direction then you are just going there quicker. That’s it.

“He won’t be able to make those alterations (technicallly) so all that happens after that is that he goes away and thinks ‘I know what I do have control of, my fitness, so that’s what I’ll do, I’ll train harder and be more correct’.

“And that’s what will happen, he’ll over train because that is the only thing he has control over.

“He is a fitness freak anyway, he likes to train hard so he thinks okay I’ll push it harder.”