FRANCIS Tchoffo has warned Kelvin Young that he is ready to knock him out and steal his IBO super-middleweight inter-continental title.

The pair came face-to-face for the first time yesterday at the Asiana Restaurant in Old Town before they go toe-to-toe at the Oasis Leisure Centre tomorrow night.

The Cameroon-born Frenchman was in confidently predicting that it was going to be his arm raised in victory – despite having taken the fight at four days notice.

“I will win,” Tchoffo told the Advertiser. “If he (Young) does not look out I will knock him out.

“I’m feeling good, I feel good all the time, like a soldier, I’m ready to go to war.

“The soldier is ready all the time, I’m not drinking, I’m a warrior, I’m the war machine, I was born to fight.”

Despite footage on the internet of Tchoffo showing that he is a wild big-swinging puncher, the 26-year-old insists that he is someone who is able to adapt against specific opponents.

“I don’t have a style of fight,” he said. “It is about the opponent, until I can see what he does then I adapt, I’m a fighter, I’m ready, I can be technical.”

Tchoffo, who has won 12 of his 21 contests, says that he had no concerns about coming to Swindon to fight for the Penhill pugilist’s IBO crown.

He said: “I think this is a very good opportunity, that is why when they called me four days before (it) I said yes, oh god thank you, thank you.

“This is what I have been looking for, for a long time, I just say thank you god. Saturday I will give it (my) all, nothing can stop me.”

A career middleweight who started in boxing’s paid ranks in a blaze of glory with three stoppage wins, Tchoffo is no stranger to fighting on these shores having faced world light-middleweight title challenger Brian Rose, Scotland’s Kris Carslaw and Sheffield’s John Fewkes.

All three of those bouts ended in points defeat for the War Machine, but that does not concern the short and stocky fighter.

“If you look at my record I’m fighting all over the world, I will take a fight,” he said. “I was living in England, I was fighting, I started fighting (as an amateur) in Cameroon and then I reached France.

“I was an amateur and no-one wanted to box me, then I become professional, I win my first fight as a professional by knockout.

“After that it has been hard for me to fight in France, I came over here and I was fighting Brian Rose, Kris Carslaw, John Fewkes.

“John Fewkes and Kris Carslaw it was points (losses), I know that if you don’t get the knockout it is hard to win.

“I have nine losses (all) on points, many of them were (close).”