ROBINS duo Troy Batchelor and Peter Kildemand came second and fourth respectively at the Danish Grand Prix tonight.

Swindon skipper Batchelor won all five of his qualifying heats before making the final with a another victory where, despite possessing plenty of speed, he was just pipped by Niels-Kristian Iversen for the victory.

“I think I really needed that result today to give me that boost and try and pick myself up and get into that top eight,” he said.

“Today was one of those days where speedway was easy. I didn’t learn anything – I just went and rode. It’s weird – it felt like it was in slow motion. I knew where people were going to go, I cut back and I passed them.

“I feel like Tai Woffinden today. That’s what he had last year and that’s what he had in the last couple of GPs. People get that, they get on a roll and that feeling is great.”

Kildemand was at his all-action best throughout his full Grand Prix debut but was disappointed not to have at least made the podium.

"It was a really good meeting for me and the atmosphere was amazing," he said.

"I rode pretty well but I messed it up in the final a bit. I was nice to get to the final but it would have been even better to get on the podium."