SWINDON Town chairman Lee Power believes David Flitcroft’s Football League acumen will allow him to settle back into the role of a “more conventional chairman’’ next season.

A summer of upheaval at the County Ground has seen the role of manager re-introduced in the form of the ex-Bury boss.

That brought an end to a regime that included head coach Luke Williams having limited control over selection and tactics and an ill-fated dalliance with a now-axed director of football role, in which Tim Sherwood and Power took a controlling hand in recruitment matters.

Flitcroft’s arrival sees Town revert to a more traditional format and while Power still believes aspects of the previous practice did deliver results, he is happy if his own role is more of a background one from now on.

“When you look now at the way to move forward, dropping down the league, you do become one of the big cheeses in this league and can attract someone like David and there’s no need for me to be involved,’’ said Power.

“He (Flitcroft) has got a lot more experience at this level and the level up for the type of thing that we want to do.

“I’m more than happy for David to take control and I can go back to a more conventional chairman.’’ Power accepts the buck stops with him when it comes to reflecting on last season’s relegation, although he retains his belief that the club had enough at their disposal to avoid the drop and that the previous methods were the right approach for the club at that time.

“Obviously the recruitment last season wasn’t good enough and I’ve got to hold my hands up with that,’’ added the chairman.

“That’s why we got relegated. I didn’t expect us to, and still think now, especially (with) the team we had in place from January was good enough to stay in that league.

“It didn’t, but ultimately I have to take responsibility for that.

“We performed miracles in the first two years of my tenure to get the finances stable and to find the players I brought to the club to sell to get those finances, it was phenomenal.

“But you can’t keep doing that year in year out.

“The last two seasons that’s been more and more difficult to do and I just felt that the way things went last year, it’s getting harder and harder to take these loans and finding these young players.

“I’ve always said I run the football club (and) I’ll never put it in jeopardy and I wasn’t going to spend money the football club didn’t have and we paid the price for that.”

With his good friend Sherwood now a footnote in Town’s history, the club can close a disappointing chapter in its history.

“It the previous regime) was very much based on playing a certain way because we had to attract teams to sell these players to get the football club on an even keel,’’ added Power.

“The way football club is, or obviously was, money had to be found to fill that hole, which it has been and money needed to be found to back David to give him a competitive budget at this level.

“When you’ve got someone like David, who has promotion on the CV, there’s no reason why I need to have any involvement in it.