SWINDON Wildcats' Phil Hill says he has no fear of the unknown as the Link Centre-based side embark on life in the new National League South One.

After a restructure in the league system, the Cats will now come up against a whole host of unfamiliar teams.

While some may be wary of the unknown, Hill, who arrived at the club midway through the season last year from Telford Tigers, says he isn’t worried about what he could line-up against this term.

“For myself personally, I don’t know much about the teams coming up so it is a bit of an unknown. Obviously Basingstoke and Peterborough are going to be the same,” he added.

“They’re the games you look forward to because you know they are going to be battles, they’ll be the teams we are competing against to win trophies.

“Who knows how the league is going to play out, but going in, we have to have the mentality to win trophies.

“The other teams, I guess we will see how they look, and assess their strengths and weaknesses as we go along.

“For us we have set out the way we are going to play and take the game to teams, I don’t think we are going to adapt.

“Obviously there are little things you adapt but I think as a team we have our structure and we will play the same no matter who we are playing.”

Along with Jan Kostal, Max Birbraer and Neil Liddiard, Hill finds himself as one of the more experienced players at the club, but the 35-year-old thinks Aaron Nell has found a winning formula in his roster, with a good blend of youth with experience.

“It was an easy decision for me to stay on, I think I have mentioned before and ever since I got here I’ve been treated so well,” he added. “It’s a great group of guys at a club with huge potential. They should be challenging for trophies.

“Everyone is pretty excited about what we can achieve (this year). I think the balance is right. They’re all exciting, we have some great young guys and they have already developed from last year into pretty decent players.

“I think it is a good mix and like I said, I hope it builds onto bigger things.”