Swindon Town manager David Flitcroft has described himself as “gutted”, on hearing that over hundred fans had their coaches to the opening day victoy against Carlisle United cancelled yesterday.

Coaches from the Tap & Barrel pub on Manchester Road were cancelled in the early hours of Saturday morning, ahead of a journey to Cumbria which was due to depart at 6am.

Town manager Flitcroft said: “I am gutted to hear that, I am gutted that we had 120 fans miss out on this win but what I can tell them is the fans that were here were absolutely outstanding, and at times they completed out-shouted 6,000 Carlisle fans.

“We will have to get back to the club and see what we can do for those supporters that missed out.”

With ten new signings on Town’s books, there was an extra edge to the eagerly-anticipated first game of the season. Flitcroft described the impact that the 557 fans were able to make the 500-mile round trip had on his side, who won 2-1.

He said: “I can’t tell you how much the fans that were here made the numbers up for those 120.

“When the lads came out to warm up, they felt that force from the fans and I said to them: ‘Our supporters are behind you, they have travelled all this way and they have got enthusiasm.’

“After the game, it was amazing. Those are the moments you want to give supporters, sending them back on a six-hour journey with three points and something to really look forward to.”

Meanwhile, comments have continued to roll in on the Adver’s website, from fans who were shocked by the late match-day transport cancellation.

One commenter said: “I would be way past just being angry. Sounds like the coaches didn't even get booked to begin with. Hugely disappointing for those hoping to attend.”

While another commented: “I can’t remember anything like this ever happening before. Everyone knows that a coach can break down or a driver can become ill, and then be patient while replacements are arranged. But this let down at such short notice is disgusting!”

The manager’s post-match comments were also appreciated by one commenter, who said: “What a terrible way to treat 120 fans, and if it's any consolation David Flitcroft was told live on air after the game.

“He said he felt your sorrow and wants to see if there is anything the club can do to make it up to those supporters, which would be a fantastic gesture and another chance for the powers-that-be to make amends for last season.”

Were you affected by the coach cancellation? Get in touch on 01793 501728 or email joe.hook@swindonadvertiser.co.uk.