IS THERE anything better in football than a 90th-minute winner? Especially when your team never looked like taking the three points.

Louis Thompson’s last-minute goal on Tuesday lifted some of the gloom surrounding Swindon Town after a dreadful campaign so far.

The feeling of euphoria that filled the County Ground seemed a million miles away from Saturday evening as Fleetwood destroyed a hapless Town side at Highbury.

I don’t support the idea of giving fans refunds if they witness their side receive a drubbing - every fan goes to a game knowing that outcome is a possibility.

But I really felt for the die-hards that saw their side give up at Fleetwood. It was a dark day for the club. Let’s hope that’s as bad as it can get this season.

Thankfully, we got to enjoy some success in midweek after Martin Ling’s side pulled off a surprise win over in-form Walsall.

After mentioning last week how disappointing Louis Thompson has been since his return, it was great to see him look like the player we enjoyed watching last season.

He was deservedly named man of the match and popped up at the end to earn Town three priceless points.

It’s a shame he won’t be returning in 2016 and I wish him all the best at his next club. He’s a superb guy who deserves huge success.

There was a slight tinge of disappointment in the closing stages of the game.

When Thompson left the pitch, Anton Rodgers was his replacement, and his introduction was welcomed with a smattering of boos.

I personally don’t think Rodgers should be anywhere near the first team, but I would never boo a player representing Swindon Town.

I understand everyone pays their hard earned money to come and watch Town each week, and they are fully entitled to boo to their hearts content.

But I’ll never understand turning on your own player, maybe he isn’t good enough to play for Swindon, but that’s no excuse to boo him.

Unfortunately it’s not the first time a Town player has been made the focus for fans frustrations after a poor spell at the football club.

During the 03/04 season David Duke was regularly on the end of boos for his consistence poor performances, Alan Reeves being shown a red card was once cheered by Town fans in the early part of his career. Thankfully Reeves recovered his reputation, but Duke never became a fans favourite during his time at SN1.

With Louis Thompson possibly playing in defence this Saturday due to Raphael Rossi Branco’s suspension, Anton will return to the starting eleven, and he should expect the same support as every other player wearing a Swindon Town shirt.

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