A senior employment lawyer has expressed her concerns about a new law involving agency workers rights. Kerrie Hunt , who is a senior partner and Head of Employment at Thrings, highlights the need for Swindon employers to be aware of the new legislation.

Kerrie is one of three top employment lawyers speaking at the Employment Law Question Time which takes place on Thursday 13th October 6.00pm at the Swindon Marriott and is free to local employers and business people of all sectors. Delegates can ask questions of a panel of experts on a variety subjects which may include stress and mental health, absence, redundancy and equality. Kerrie says about recent developments: “As an employment specialist, I cannot recall having a quiet year in terms of new Acts or regulations hitting the statute books. This year is no exception, whilst still adjusting to the new Equality Act, October brings in the new Agency Worker regulations, giving Agency workers rights to parity of terms with your workforce. So if employers use temporary staff to flex their workforce, they will need to be aware of this.”

A free one-off special bringing together three of Swindon’s leading experts on employment law is planned for the Swindon Marriott on Thursday 13th October at 6.00pm. The event is being organised by the Swindon Mindful Employer Network which is managed by Richmond Fellowship Wiltshire in association with the Swindon Chamber of Commerce, Swindon Marriott and other top business partners in Swindon.

This is a unique opportunity for representatives of local businesses of all sizes and sectors to ask a wide range of questions on employment law issues. Attendees will get the opportunity of putting questions to a panel of highly respected experts including Paul Archer of Lemon & Co, Malcolm Gregory of Withy King and Kerrie Hunt of Thrings.

It promises to be a lively session with two experts specialising in legal advice to employers and one presenting the perspective of employees.

To book on to this free event please email David Latham on smen@richmondfellowship.org.uk 01793 433571

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