THE throng of mourners at Wroughton Parish Church for the funeral of Dave Turner was testament to a life well lived.

For one person to have a role in so many lives is uncommon, but for such a person to be remembered with real affection by so many people is a rare thing indeed.

We won’t say all who knew Dave should consider themselves privileged because there’s no need; they clearly feel that way already.

Those who paid tribute shared memories dating as far back as Dave’s schooldays, all the way through to his time as one of the most respected and admired managers in non-league football.

He was clearly the sort of man people delight in telling anecdotes about, and we don’t doubt that had there been time at the service, the vast majority of mourners would have had wonderful stories to tell.

When those stories are told from now on, they will be laced with a note of sadness at such a fine life cut so unjustly short, but we hope that doesn’t put anybody off telling their tales.

As many people in all walks of life have observed, none of us truly dies until the death of the last person who knew us or heard of us – and by that remote time the world will be home to other people with stories of their own.

We have a strong feeling that Dave will be remembered for many, many years to come.