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It’s not Railway Works

I ENJOYED the Pictures Of The Past feature on August 22 about the Railway Works, but have a couple of observations.

As an ex-Rodbourne boy, I don’t think the front page of the supplement actually shows the inside of the Railway Works at all.

I think it shows the apprentice training school, which was located in Dean Street and where the new recruits spent their initial period of employment learning their trade.

I spent the first year of my Plessey Semiconductors apprenticeship there, which was where the company sent their first year apprentices as an induction to the real world of working life.

The view appears to be from very near the window of Mr Hazell’s office, from which the manager could observe the activities of his young charges.

Funnily enough, while I haven’t got a clue who Andrew Russell is in a picture on page 15, I am more sure of the mistake in this one, dated 1979.

The caption says the picture relates to the 50th anniversary of the manufacture of King George V and shows Master Russell holding aloft a plaque to commemorate the occasion.

I think this should be accredited to 1977.

It’s a guess based around the fact that the plaque has been cast with the dates 1927 and 1977 on it.

DAVID WALLIS, The Gardens, Heddington, Wiltshire

Verse gets it right

HAVING read Mr T Reynolds’ letter, I cannot, but be reminded of that old poem...

Here lies the grave of William Brae,

Who died defending his right of way!

He was right, dead right as he sped along,

but he’s just as dead as if he were wrong.

So the next time you are subjected to ‘road rage’, just think of that poem and remember that it’s just as easy to take company with you to the after-life!

BARRY E WOODHAM, Scotby Avenue, Swindon

Don’t push way in

I HAVE every sympathy with T Reynolds (letters, August 23) about people using filter lanes.

It seems there are a new generation of drivers who see them as “pushing in first” lanes rather than filtering lanes.

It’s the same as dual carriageway and motorway slip lanes where people think they automatically have right of way as they join.

Do these morons hold the same driving licences as us?

You DO NOT have right of way in filtering lanes and you should wait to join the main body of traffic, not the other way round.

Where is the government education on these rules?