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Race gripes are trivial

SO THE killjoys of Swindon have been out in force over the past few days judging by the comments, remarks and letters in the SA and on BBC Wiltshire regarding the Swindon Half Marathon which took place on Sunday.

All this apparently because a few streets/roads were closed and caused a few hold ups and diversions.

Let’s put thing things into perspective - there are not a lot of events that attract people into Swindon these days but I would imagine a fair proportion of people attending on Sunday, either competing or watching, were from outside the town and surrounding area, which has to be a good thing.

Put that along with the fact that some were raising money for charity, what is there to complain about?

Congratulations to the organisers, the runners and to Swindon Council, who allowed the event to go ahead and bring a bit of happiness and life into town.

How we need it with what is going on in the world. As I write certain countries are being battered by winds of up to 225mph; if those who have complained over the past few days about the half marathon and the inconvenience of it were caught up in such extreme weather maybe their views would be different.

Come on people of Swindon, let’s support this type of event, not whinge over such trivial matters like roads being closed.

MARK WEBB, Old Town, Swindon

Deportation is wrong

Once again Donald Trump has shown himself to be someone unfit to hold the office of President of the United States.

His recent decision to potentially deport about 800,000 young immigrant ‘Dreamers’ to the country they left as infants with their parents is pernicious in the extreme.

These young people are a massive asset to the USA. They have become fully fledged citizens who have all pledged allegiance to the flag of their adopted country.

Trump pledged to deport all the Mexican rapists and muggers - he forgot to mention he was also planning to deport nearly a million law-abiding decent young citizens to a country they now have little in common with, and a language many cannot speak.

It’s telling that Donald Trump has shown more compassion to a convicted racist sheriff, Joe Arpaio, whom he pardoned, than he has to 800,000 honest young people. None of us, as infants, get to choose the country in which we are raised. Shame on you Donald.

TOM HORWAT, Upavon Court, Penhill, Swindon

Litter complaint

I WOULD like to make a complaint again about the amount of litter on the surrounding area of Westlea and Toothill. Residents are dissatisfied with KFC coming into the area with the problem of rubbish left in areas. I would be interested to hear what action KFC plan to take.

MRS E BROWN, Toothill, Swindon