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Try to understand

The national culture of Britain, the product of the media, is concerned with cooking, eating, obesity, self-obsession, football, retail therapy, money and flash cars, and is quite incapable of solving problems like nuclear extermination.

The way we think prevents us making this a safe world. We are agreed to hate North Korea, the terrorists of Isis, and paedophiles, and that hatred prevents us using our intellects to study the causation of each, beyond repeating that they are all monsters, compared to us.

If anyone suggests we try to understand, he is branded as a sympathiser, so what he says, becomes counterproductive.

This monotonous repetition of our opinions, is an impediment to the working of our brains. You are not a murderous terrorist, but possibly you could comprehend more than only your own prejudices.

If you have concern for children your hatred of paedophiles is of no benefit, and is no indication you are worth listening to.

If, on the other hand, you are genuinely concerned with the generation of our great-grandchildren, you must be passionate that public money is spent today, to discover what possible influences divert the normal sexual development of an adolescent boy from the normal path followed by you and me, not due to any virtue in us, to a sexual perception which can never bring deep satisfaction.

There must be reasons for these aberrations, and only when we have found evidence acting in young brains, might we also discover methods available to prevent it ever happening.

That is much better than a loud voice. Anger and hatred interfere with the analytical potential of the brain.

CN WESTERMAN, Meadow Rise Brynna, Mid Glamorgan

Library needs funds

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council is fortunate in having a progressive chairman and forward thinking councillors at the helm.

However, I’m not sure how they square the comments made in the article on p8 (SA 19 Sept) in which they promise to turn the Beechcroft Road library into a ‘thriving community hub’ and at the same time have launched a crowdfunding page to help fund their ambitions..

The parish council hopes to raise £10,000 in eight weeks. One can only assume the necessity to put out the begging bowl is because the borough council did not give them enough to keep the library open and to run it.

The Conservative administration reduced funding and eviscerated staffing levels for libraries and yet Coun Mary Martin lauds the SSM project as ‘great example of where SBC and a local organisation can work together to provide a high quality library service.’

It wasn’t that long ago Coun Tray said the library had been foisted ont o the parish with little regard for the cost to residents.

If SSM wishes to provide a library service to the residents it should seek to ensure that the money to pay for the service is paid by council tax and not by begging for handouts.

DES MORGAN, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Setting out the facts

I SEE one of the remoaners, J Midwinter, Adver September 19, has replied to to my letter. Let us take the points mentioned in clear statistics regarding my hyperbole rantings.

The Commons debate was to make sure there were no changes to British law without Parliamentary debate?

As Martin Costello pointed out on the same page what about all the Disunion laws passed in the last 44 years without going through our Parliament?

We can deport criminals? In March 2016 there were 5,789 criminals avoiding deportation using the Human Rights Act, or absconding. And I,865 of them had been playing this game for five years.

Unelected officials, I am not talking about the 73 British MEPs. I am on about the 678 MEPs not elected by the British people, but who can influence our society by their votes, plus the gravy train bureaucrats.

At no time have I ever been against controlled immigration and have written Adver letters praising the staff of all colours that make the NHS the finest in the world.

I don’t dispute the lack of money regarding public services but this is compounded by the increase in the British population due to immigration. Last year alone it was 538, 000.

Is J Midwinter seriously trying to say this has had no effect on public services and employees workloads?

J Midwinter wants me to explain political correctness regarding the police. Frontline police superiors are obsessed by political correctness, social engineering and cultural diversity.

Another excellent example came from Des Morgan last week regarding police wearing rainbow epaulettes.

The, in the main Asian, gangs being allowed to abuse young white girls all over Britain is another one of many examples. Regarding the taxpaying immigrants J Midwinter has met, what about the March 2017 unemployment figures? Non British born unemployed 317,000 from the Disunion 98, 000.

Finally, when I referred to unwarranted wars. I did not mention the Disunion, it was a general remark regarding most politicians.

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Littering gripes

Having just returned from the Isle of Man, I was very impressed at the cleanliness of the island.

I saw only one paper wrapper close to the Laxey Wheel and we saw people putting items into the litter bins.

Arriving back in England, strewn alongside the roads were old shoes, nappies fast food trays and various types of underwear that seemed to be wrapped around old windscreen wipers.

My question is, how can you get your underwear wrapped around a windscreen wiper? Surely one has to release the seat belt to enable that to happen? Welcome back to this scruffy island of ours.

CHRIS GLEED, Proud Close, Purton