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Political response

I, TOO, thought of resting the pen for a few days, but then I read Martin’s letter and so a reply is forthcoming.

I start by saying I carry no banner for the Tories, you only have to look at the town to understand why.

Mrs May, a positive Remainer in the Brexit vote, is doing her best to stop the process and if that means handing over the government to Labour she will.

Can Martin tell us his views on the ‘hang the Tories’ banner along with the dummies that were hung up in Manchester?

Perhaps he can also tell us his views on the activists who shouted guillotine when the royal family was mentioned, in a fringe meeting in Brighton.

Austerity was needed after the last Labour Party departure. Remember the previous one in late ‘70s?

Now we are told the utilities will be brought back into government control, student debt will be wiped out, PFI debt will be wiped out and so it goes on.

There is mass immigration, and yes, each time its the company tills and the rich families’ pockets which will pay, Just how big are those tills and pockets?

Finally, he tells us of the Tories’ support for the Americans in the Middle East. I don’t know if that was Martin’s effort at a joke, or does he forget Blair/Bush, which resulted in the deaths of thousands, and not one Weapon Of Mass Destruction found.....

T REYNOLDS, Wheeler Avenue, Swindon

Heading into danger

I APPROACH reaching 75 years of age next year, if I am lucky, I know a lot of friends who never made that signifying mark of longevity.

I tend to be philosophical regarding the inevitable leaving of my mortal coil. As a firm believer in God as a Scottish Presbyterian I am staunch in the belief that I shall exist in some form when I leave my human body, which has served me well so far.

Doubts about what lies ahead? Show me a human being who has not at least once shared that thought.

My point? We are all just passing through our beautiful home teeming with life. Why is there so much misery surrounding us all on a daily basis?

From wars, to child abuse, animal cruelty, murder and rape, drug addiction, terrorist bombs and the carnage of the innocent, the list is endless.

I fear when I am long gone that we are heading towards self-destruction if all this continues in its present form.

As a father, grandfather and great grandfather this concerns me deeply regarding our future generations.

And I suspect I am not alone regarding my personal thoughts on this serious matter.

I have always agreed with the synopsis the glass is half full, not half empty. But I am beginning to wonder.

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Bags full of problems

I’VE RECENTLY read that the “bags for life” that we’ve been forced to buy to save the planet are now causing another problem.

Apparently some ‘experts’ have said using them repeatedly to transport meat and poultry is allowing bacteria to thrive inside them, potentially causing food poisoning and a host of other illnesses.

They are now suggesting colour coded bags to be used for different foods.

Yet another problem that some overpaid idiot has discovered to scare us all.

When will it end? Will these Green buffoons ever just fade away and leave us in peace?

They still haven’t explained how using millions of tons of plastic to make ugly wheelie bins and recycling bins is going to help save the planet either.


Thanks for new trees

Now Greenbridge roundabout has been completed I was delighted to see the silver birch trees that have been planted there.

The birches are particularly welcome after the destruction of the trees at junction 16. Their felling was a necessary evil I know, but in the era of council cut backs it was nice to know that we are still looking after the environment and the aesthetic appearance of the town.

I take great delight in all the trees around Swindon, they are a credit to the town.

It is so easy these days to harp on about things we don’t like, but well done to all concerned in the decision to landscape the roundabout in this way.

ANN POPLAR, Park North, Swindon

Border control vital

There has been a gun attack in Las Vegas killing 50 people and injuring hundreds more.

It has been recorded as the worst gun attack in recent American history.

Terrorist attacks are occurring every week around the world and there seems no way for civilised societies to protect themselves.

I am beginning to think that western democracies need to change if they are to deal with terrorism.

Freedom of movement has been taken for granted for many years but we are now in a new dangerous situation.

Border controls are checks that will need to change and become much tighter in future.

STEVE HALDEN, Beaufort Green, Swindon

We stood alone before

BRITAIN’S negotiations with the EU to arrange a trading deal seem to be at a difficult stage.

If we fail to do a deal, and in the extreme we are punitively isolated by a vindictive EU hierarchy then we should remember that from 1939 until 1945 Britain had no trading links with most European countries.

At the wartime period most of Europe was under the sway of another fanatical authoritarian regime.

NOEL GARDNER, Carlisle Avenue, Swindon