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No wonder EU wants us

Some interesting EU GDP figures were released before the June 2016 referendum - as the latest were withheld until after June 23.

The GDP the breakdown of contributions was: Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain 71.75 per cent, and five other countries making the total up to 87.43 per cent.

I have taken the payments made by each of these countries as two per cent and above. The other 18 countries have contributed only 3.26 per cent towards the EU GDP.

All the countries pay their EU contributions based on their GDP, all receive investment according to their need. This is a fair system if you are on the receiving end and not very fair if you are doing the paying at some cost to your own economy. This is the main reason for free movement to the UK from the other 18 countries.

In addition, Spain’s unemployment is running at 22 per cent, Italy’s 11.9 per cent, France’s at 10.4 per cent and Belgium’s at 8.3 per cent.

When the figures were released only the UK and Poland had increases in GDP. All others showed decreases.

Is it any wonder he EU countries are doing their best to keep the UK talking and paying in to their coffers?

Article 50 says when agreement is reached the country triggering the article can leave. It also lays down a maximum time limit of two years.

However, there is another article which says: “If no agreement is reached in two years the other countries can say leave and no deal, or they can carry on talking.”

No time limit and we are under EU law and have no say or veto. We are out of all decisions and discussions on any EU matter even if it concerns the UK. Do you all wish to “Remain”?

DN SIMPSON, Graham Street, Swindon

We can trade on

The voters in the Catalonia referendum were beaten and had rubber bullets fired at them.

This shows that the European Union do not like people voting in independence referendums.

Britain is also getting rough treatment from the EU because we voted to leave the Single Market.

The EU believes it can punish Britain by blocking the Brexit trade negotiations. Hitler tried the same tactics but failed to stop Britain trading and we won the war. We can defeat the trade barriers the EU are threatening us with today.

TERRY HAYWARD, Burnham Road, Swindon

Hurricane would help

HAVING avoided the town centre for 10 years - it’s dirty, there are unsavoury people and rubbish everywhere and pound shops and charity shops all over the place - I was wondering if we could do with a tropical hurricane to make improvements.

I can hardly think of a town in Wiltshire that has gone downhill so quickly. It’s like stepping back into the ‘70s.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to spend any time in such a grubby dump.