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Sort these problems

I HAD a coloured brochure put through my letterbox. It was a notice from the Conservative Party about the personal achievements of our two Swindon MPs and the councillors of the Covingham area.

I do not intend to dispute their genuine efforts on behalf of the community and areas they represent. But may I make some humble suggestions?

The town needs a competent rat catcher at or near the walkway between the central area of Debenhams and Fleet Street adjacent to Fleming Way.

In Fleet Street I walked past a boarded up shop with a down and out sitting there with a can of alcohol and there was no visible police presence. If I had been a young mother with children, I would have been terrified for my safety.

I have sincere belief visitors’ first impressions of a town are vital so immediate action regarding these problems would be good.

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Oops, my mistake

I REFER to my letter to SA of 09/10/17 and would like to set the record straight. The figure of EU GDP paid by the remaining 18 countries is 12.57 per cent and not 3.26 per cent as stated.

I am sure this has been noted by the Remainers and will be commented on another misleading fact put forward by the Leave adherents.

However, this error on my part, for which I apologise profusely, does not alter the fact that 18 countries will be adversely effected.

EU negotiators are all out to punish the UK for daring to leave. Do you all still wish to “Remain”?

DN SIMPSON, Graham Street, Swindon

These are the facts

TERRY Hayward implies the EU prompted the Spanish police to over-react to the independence referendum in Catalonia, (We can trade on, SA October 9). No it didn’t.

He goes on to say Britain won the 1939-45 war against Germany and its allies. It didn’t.

In the coalition that actually won the war, Russia made the greatest human sacrifice (more than 30 million killed overall including 80 servicemen or women for every American killed), the USA provided the most military hardware and Britain provided the launch pad to invade Western Europe.

He ends his upbeat message by saying “We can defeat the trade barriers the EU are threatening us with today.” They aren’t. Trade negotiations haven’t even started yet. I suggest he looks instead at the Americans. They have already set up trade barriers against Morgan sports cars and now also aircraft wings manufactured in Northern Ireland, threatening several thousand British jobs.

“Special relationship” anyone?

DON REEVE, The Pinnacle, Horder Mews, Old Town, Swindon