LOCKDOWN inspired Pearl Barcoe to start working in her Old Town garden.

She said: "It meant spending a lot more time at home, and having a green space, I discovered I have a green thumb. I decided I needed more colour and wanted to help the pollinators too.

"It feels welcoming to whatever creatures venture into it. Since lockdown I have a resident squirrel and more birds too and have definitely noticed more bees, butterflies and many other bugs."

Potted plants give pops of colour and she and her son, eight, sowed sunflowers. They are now working on a mini pond to attract more creatures.

She said: "Anybody can experience the joy of growing and nurturing plants. Even a small space like mine or even smaller like a balcony can have potted plants and herbs. It’s a rewarding hobby and is a balm for your mental health."

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