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Reg Selway

SELWAY Reg 29th February 1928 8th December 2011 Forever loved and deeply missed, we treasure our…
Published on 08/12/2023
In Memoriam

Rachael Francis

FRANCIS Rachael Sweet is her memory, Dear is her name, Deep in our thoughts She will always…
Published on 04/12/2023
In Memoriam

Lizy Fry

FRY Lizy You are someone very special You are loved more and more everyday A laugh, a joke, a…
Published on 02/12/2023
In Memoriam

Grace Littlefield

LITTLEFIELD Grace (1.12.33 - 26.3.2012) As each year passes by, We remember you dearly, Every…
Published on 01/12/2023
In Memoriam

Brian Atkins

ATKINS Brian 30/11/2002 Remembering a very dear husband who passed away twenty one years ago…
Published on 30/11/2023
In Memoriam

Stuart (Louie) Antoniazzi

ANTONIAZZI Stuart (Louie) 27th November, 2020 Remembering with love a dear husband, brother,…
Published on 27/11/2023
In Memoriam

Letitia Damni

DAMNI Letitia Loved and missed more each day. Jehovah God's promises give us hope and comfort. 2…
Published on 25/11/2023
In Memoriam

Hazel Mary HILLIER

HILLIER Hazel Mary Twelve years since cancer took you away. But our thoughts are still with you…
Published on 25/11/2023
In Memoriam

Jack Hutfield

HUTFIELD Jack 24th November 2006. Softly the leaves of memories fall, gently we gather and…
Published on 24/11/2023
In Memoriam

Marge GORE

GORE Marge Many years have passed by, but our lovely memories will be with us forever. Much love…
Published on 18/11/2023
In Memoriam

Terry Jefferies

JEFFERIES Terry It's ten long years since you have gone, We miss you every day, Our lives have…
Published on 14/11/2023
In Memoriam

Sadie Smith

SMITH Sadie Happy birthday Mum, Wishing you were here, Remembering all those happy times, makes me…
Published on 13/11/2023