STUDENT nurse Steve Smith is off to Malta for the chance of a lifetime.

University of the West of England student Steve, from Lower Stratton, is studying at the Great Western Hospital, and in September will do a month's placement in a newly-built acute hospital on the island.

He is now busy raising the money needed to pay for the trip.

He said: "This opportunity isn't open to all student nurses. I have had to apply and be successful and it will be such a worthwhile experience.

"If anyone wants to sponsor me that would be great as at the moment it will cost around the £1,000 mark, but I am trying to wean it down as currently I am working each weekend to save and afford the trip.

"The experience is a once in a life time opportunity really. Previous students have been to areas in Africa, Finland and America. I have chosen to go to Malta my family originate from the island and so I have a connection there!"

Anyone interested in sponsoring Steve can email him at